DON RUSSELL, @beer_radar - author, Joe Sixpack columnist and executive director of Philly Beer Week, Co-Chair  
JAY BROOKS, @brookston - author, Brooks on Beer columnist and blogger - Co-Chair
GAIL ANN WILLIAMS, @beerbybart - community and author -  Secretary
STEVE HAMBURG, @steviehamburg - writer - Treasurer
STAN HIERONYMUS, @stanhieronymus - author and blogger
ERIKA BOLDEN - @erikabolden - writer - Membership + Awards Competition Chair -
JEREMY BANAS, @ruinationpress - author- Member at Large
HEATHER VANDENENGEL, @heathervandy and @Honest_Pint - writer and blogger - Member at large

CBC Meeting 2016 Update: The Guild needs 3 more volunteers to help with the awards committee and organize regional meetings. 

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