Beer Writing for and by Beer Writers

We are professional beer writers.

We make our living, or at least a substantial portion of it, writing about beer and brewing. We are authors, writers, publicists, bloggers, columnists, critics, cheerleaders and more. We tirelessly cover the brewing industry and those who appreciate beer across North America.

Many of us are self-employed or do this as a side "gig" in addition to our "real jobs." Some of us are employed by breweries, beer distributors, beer bars, stores and restaurants. Still others are publishers and event organizers, while some work for newspapers, websites, magazines and other media outlets. 

We are an all-volunteer group dedicated to elevating the level of our craft as we cover the art of brewing. We are serious in our purpose, but strive to enjoy ourselves in doing our jobs.

Please consider joining with us to help shape our efforts to support and nurture better beer writing in North America while also increasing opportunities for our members. If that sounds like something that would benefit you and your work, you should become one of us.

We are continually working out the details of our organization and its purposes and goals. We believe that the best way to create a positive atmosphere for our work will involve learning from our shared experiences. One of our first goals was the creation of an annual writers' competition that fosters awareness and appreciation of our efforts to write about beer and brewing in North America.

Your dues help defray the costs of running the writers competition, website and hosting. Specific event fees cover costs for regional meetings and tours.

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